What is the Business of Good?

Ethico Live! is uniquely positioned at the intersection of the global financial services industry with the drive towards ethical principles - and our exclusive focus enables us to reach our objective of being the global market leaders in this emerging high-growth space.

Ethico Live! specialises in the banking, finance, investments & insurance sectors and their increasing linkages with ethical finance, participation banking, Islamic economy, Environment, Sustainability & Governance (ESG), and Socially Responsible Investments (SRI) issues – and how these trends are creating profitable new business opportunities for our clients.

Ethico Live! translates the business of good into good business sense for all players in the global financial markets.


What makes Ethico Live!

Ethico Live! is the result of a 25 year journey, which combines our experience of creating large-scale conference platforms across the Middle East, South East Asia, Europe, and Africa with a passionate commitment to innovation that reinvents the business conference format to deliver new forms of value for our clients.

img Unique combination of experience and innovation

img Our passion to achieve the exceptional for our clients


img Our international footprint that covers key markets on-the-ground

img Our exclusive focus on the global financial services industry enables us to dig deeper into the issues that really matter to you!

Ethico Live! It’s about standing out from the crowd to deliver new forms of value!


Why work with Ethico Live!

We are passionately committed to

img Putting you face-to-face with industry thought leaders to assess the latest market intelligence and provide new insights to your most challenging questions

img A fresh approach to building long-term client relationships that add genuine value

img Harnessing the latest technological innovations to create a unique Live! experience that take our conferences to the next generation

img Creating powerful Live! branding impressions that make sure your organisation is always in the spotlight and building positive associations around your key brand messages

img Convening leading industry decision-makers Live! and in-person to strengthen relationships and get deals done!


Experienced Leadership

img (L-R)Ketan Ramesh Sophie McLean David McLean Yasmeen Shah Prashant Odhrani

David McLean

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David McLean has more than 25 years experience in the global conference industry, having worked in a senior management capacity in Boston, Singapore, Dubai and Johannesburg for leading companies such as Informa plc (IIR), The Economist Conferences, MEGA and World Congress.

David also has 5 years of experience at Director level with Ernst & Young (EY) where he led the Centre for Business Knowledge with responsibilities for thought leadership and research initiatives in the Johannesburg offices of the global business advisory firm

The Ethico Live! senior management team has been handpicked by David and features talented and experienced leaders in the key roles of market intelligence, strategic partnerships and branding & communications.

Sophie McLean

Senior Vice President

Sophie McLean has been serving clients with a passionate and energetic commitment to excellence for 12 years in the international conference industry.

Sophie’s expertise includes building long-term relationships with major international financial services clients and creating value for them across multiple event platforms with a special focus on markets across the Middle East and Asia.

Sophie drives the team to ensure that each client gets exceptional service combined with a personal touch.

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Prashant Odhrani

Vice President – Market Intelligence
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As Head of the Market Intelligence capability within Ethico Live!, Prashant leads the research team to ensure that the latest insights and business trends are translated into meaningful insights for your company.

Over the last 5 years, Prashant has established business relationships with some of the most outstanding thought leaders in the global financial services market.

Ketan Ramesh

Vice President – Branding & Communications

As Head of Branding & Communications at Ethico Live!, Ketan and his team create powerful branding impressions for clients through effective media engagement programs and onsite branding innovations that ensure that the client’s profile and brand are always in the spotlight.

Ketan has 7 years of industry experience where he has reinvigorated conference branding and has a well-respected track record of creating a ‘WOW’ spectacle for clients.

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Ethico Live Limited is a UK registered company with its corporate headquarters at , , UK. Through our on-the-ground presence in key centres across the world we are able to serve our clients in the global financial markets with high-profile international conferences in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia.